Feels like nothing else

Now some may think I’m crazy and say it will never happen but there is a zombie apocalypse on its way… With preparation and knowledge we can survive and I for one plan to look fashionable while doing it.

So there are a thousand and one things to think about when your trying to survive in the land of the walking dead!! Let’s start with the most important… What does a fashion conscious lady wear that firstly will keep her alive and secondly makes her stand out in the living crowd.

Ugg Kensington Boots £240 – Reliable shoes are a must when your fighting for survival and travelling far and wide… and you will be travelling. A good strong heel is a must for obvious reasons. Uggs cannot be beaten on making super comfy footwear and are a must… Ideal.

Miss Selfridge Ultra Soft Jean £36.00 – When out and about you need to be comfortable and be able to move freely. You don’t know when you’ll be running for you life! I love Miss Selfies jeans, wash well and keep their shape.. Job done.

Warehouse Quilted Double Leather Jacket £123.75 (sale price) – Perfect material to slide out of grabbing hands. Clothing needs to be snug and fitted to help escape when a zombie lays hands on you. So many cool and sexy leather jackets out there and this shows you don’t need to spend a fortune.

Oasis Fluffy Bow Jumper £45 – Now realistically this probably isn’t the most sensible but hey there are still going to be single ladies out there … trying to catch a gents eye! This is super cute and will do the trick.

Mango Cable Knit Snood £29.99 – You need to be able to hear, you never know what’s lurking from behind so hats and earmuffs are sadly a definite no is these circumstances. I love a good snood.

Ted baker bow gloves £69 – Eh there isn’t much to say about these apart from… I want, I want.

Rebecca Minkoff Zach convertible bag £ 255.59 – Your obviously going to need a bag but Ladies it’s safety first… You may have to ditch it quick so a backpack is ideal to shrug off and this is perfect. What a versatile little number by a top designer.

Paracord bracelet £9.99 – Now this little accessory is going to save your life. Can be used for securing, pulling, shelter etc etc. You can pick these up for as little as a £1 but I loved the detail on this… There will be plenty of praying when the zombies arrive.

Total 809.32

So Ladies …. Stay safe, stay sexy.


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