The new blogger pressure syndrome … What next

So what next I ask myself?? What’s my next blog going to be about! I’m irritating myself thinking about it.

My fashion zombie blog was such a big hit I’m feeling the pressure… It had 45 views, 45 views!! now I feel a pressure to write something else. But what?

I’d like to add at this point that nearly everything I write will have a sarcastic vibe… Although I don’t know why I feel the need to explain this as let’s face it the 45 views are from my friends and family who know exactly what I’m like… And yes I know I told you all to.

I need inspiration but now I’m a blogger all I can do is think about writing inspirational thoughts whilst wearing a little vest top, short pants and smoking cigarettes gazing out a window overlooking a beautiful street….. So why am I sitting on my couch like a slob, writing about nothing, wearing a Gap jumper that I’ve worn for three nights and two year old pj bottoms stained from the sauce from my earlier chicken kebab.

I’ve never tried my hand at creative writing, well apart from the abusive notes left for my husband.. I’ve even impressed myself with some of those.

So what next?!